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After a shift waiting tables at local restaurants, Simeon Goodson would frequent nearby bars to unwind and spend his tip money. In the back rooms of these bars he would laugh and joke with coworkers and fellow patrons. Eventually, this lead to Simeon being convinced that he should perhaps pursue a career in stand up comedy. 

It began with drunken closing spots at The Five Spot in Brooklyn to rambling host spots at open mics. Soon, Simeon found drinking an integral part of his persona and humor. Oftentimes, Simeon would perform at his best while completely inebriated, prompting a joke amongst his friends that he should perhaps drink more (were that even possible).

In 2014, Simeon Goodson began work on his hour-long set with a series of shows entitled "Seven Hennys". It was a tribute to drunken hilarity and steadily grew a significant following over the course of it's four show run.

The final 7 Hennys was performed at Carolines in June 2015.




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